Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: What it is and why you need it in your business.

By Gordon Diver –

Whether you’re a large scale enterprise, a small business, or a sole proprietor, we are all faced with a similar challenge in today’s changing markets; the shift from the “selling process” to the “buying process”.

In the not too distant past, prospects needed to touch base with an organization’s sales department to get the information they needed to make a buying decision. It provided the sales teams the opportunity to “persuade” prospects with why the product or service you offered was the best for their particular situation. However, in today’s world of digital natives and savvy consumers, the power has changed.

Today, consumers can find as much information as they feel necessary to make a buying decision or ask targeted specific questions. It is more than likely that they will put more credibility into other sources of information, instead of the well trained and knowledgeable staff in your organization. Right or wrong, Joe, their recently met social network friend, is a trusted resource on what you have to offer.

Read more by Gordon on page 8 of our March/April 2013 magazine edition.

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