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How Would You Spend Millions of Dollars in the Social Era?

By Robert Lavigne –

I used to work in the Information Services (IS) industry before the shift to the current Information Technology (IT) industry. The meaning of that shift in nomenclature is an article onto itself. Suffice to say, when you focus on technology and not on service, you look at information in a completely different fashion.

I want to share with you a story of the present, the past, and the future. Allow me the luxury of using time travel to illustrate how a change in perspective leads to a sense of awareness.

Let us now go back 15 years…

One day, one of the department heads approached our executive team with the following Technology Infrastructure Request.

We need the tech guys to build us the following systems to support our vision for this start-up that is heavily funded by Venture Capitalist banking on this emerging thing called the Internet.

“We want you to cost out and implement the following infrastructure:

•email system
•calendaring system
•contact management system
•competitive intelligence system (w/ news feed and alerts)
•video hosting and streaming system (with screen sharing and webinar capabilities)
•online office suite (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool)
•content management system, and work flow and collaboration system.”

What would this all mean by jumping back into today’s world of doing business?

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