Wilson Sports Photography

Interview: Wilson Sports Photography

Interview by Doug Radkey with Kara Wilson

I have always been an athlete and a sports enthusiast, so living in the tournament capital of Ontario (Brantford) and being a Sports Photographer has blessed me with some amazing opportunities to photograph talented athletes of varying ages and levels from beginners to Olympic athletes.

What inspired you to become a sport’s photographer? 

I grew up an athlete. I represented the Niagara Falls Optimist Track and Field Club and I participated in elementary and school sports.

My parents worked long, weird hours missing my events and games. As an adult I continued to participate in sports. I have competed in 4 marathons, a handful of half marathons, triathlons, adventure racing, and local community team sports like baseball, volleyball, and hockey.

A few years ago I injured my knee. While recovering from this injury I needed to get my mind onto something else. My son, Justin, intercepted a play and ran a 75 yard dash for a touchdown.

While Justin was celebrating in the end zone I was still waiting for my camera to take the shot.  My husband knew I was disappointed…..

Read more of the interview with Kara of Wilson Sports Photography now on page 30! 


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