Interview: Golf North Properties

By Doug Radkey with Mike Garside

Founded in 1994, GolfNorth Properties was created with a vision of providing golfers with the option of affordable golf at a variety of locations. Since its inception, GolfNorth has evolved to become the leading Canadian operator of successful semi-private and public golf courses. GolfNorth’s philosophy is to provide the public with the greatest value in daily golf green fee play, golf memberships, tournaments, banquets, weddings and corporate functions, while at the same time providing a positive experience for its various stakeholders, including associates, employees, partners and charitable organizations.

How many courses does GolfNorth have now and what do you look for in a facility that you take on as an asset?

GolfNorth currently has 22 facilities.  We own 19 of them and lease 3 of them.  When looking for a property we take the following into consideration; business viability, market share potential, synergies with existing GolfNorth facilities, and existing solid operational platforms including course and facility condition.

You recently purchased a ski resort called Cobble Hills. What made you want to get into the ski industry?

Yes. The ski business was essentially something that came with the golf course.  We knew that we could take Cobble Hills golf operations to the next level and thus ventured into the ski side of the business as it has existed for over 50 years. We are excited about it!

Want to learn more about GolfNorth and the Golf Industry? Read More of This Interview in Our Magazine! 


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