Of Course There's a Try

Of Course There’s a Try – Sorry Yoda

By Ron Louch

People love to quote the axiom, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Who really lives their life this way? I’m sure if Yoda owned a shoe store he would let you try on the shoes. There is a time and place for try.

Yes, sometimes in life it’s time to act, time to move, but there is no room for hesitation. We are thrust into situations or opportunities that demand immediate decisions and actions. Then there is no try, “do or die” as the expression goes. But usually when we are faced with something new in life we try it first. There is a period when we examine, explore, and consider this new item or action. Take as long as you need, but no longer.

This is a great read! Have a look on page 68 of the March/April 2013 edition to read the full story!